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The organizing committee are most delighted to welcome you all to the “2019 Southeast Asia Symposium of Traditional Medicine-Experience Sharing & Future Collaboration”. The symposium is organized by the Institute of Traditional Medicine of National Yang Ming University, with the support of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Research Institute of Chinese Medicine of Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taipei Veterans General Hospital Center for Traditional Medicine, and the Alumni association of the Institute of Traditional Medicine, National Yang-Ming University.

The institute of Traditional Medicine of National Yang-Ming University is the first and only institute for traditional medicine among all the national medical universities in Taiwan. Our goal is to promote the education and research of traditional Chinese medicine. Our institute, in long-term collaboration with nearby National Research Institute of Chinese Medicine and Taipei Veterans General Hospital Center for Traditional Medicine, has been devoted to traditional medicine-related basic and clinical research, providing evidence-based knowledge for fundamental theory, clinical practice and herbal drug development of Chinese Medicine. In recent years, we have established English courses on acupuncture and Chinese medicine to invite international students to join our institute and we also look forward to share these experiences and collaborate with traditional researchers worldwide. Therefore, for the purpose of promoting and understanding the research energy of traditional medicine in Southeast Asian countries, as well as enhancing knowledge-sharing among traditional medicine researchers across the region, we are delighted to host this international symposium. The theme of the symposium is “The Development and Current Situation of Traditional Medicine in Southeast Asia”, and the two major extended topics include: “Development and Clinical Application of Acupuncture Medicine and Traditional Therapy”, and “Basic Research of Traditional Medicine and Natural Medicine”. During the symposium, updated information on traditional medicine research and development will be presented by distinguished keynote speakers and poster presentations from eight different Asian countries. By gathering traditional medicine experts from different regions, the symposium serves as a platform for participants to share scientific breakthroughs, exchange ideas, and strengthen future cooperation, further exploring the novel therapeutic strategies and natural drug discovery in traditional medicine. Furthermore, young investigators and graduate students are also welcome to present their scientific findings and communicate with international renowned scholars.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks for the support of all invited guests, speakers, poster presenters, co-organizers and participants. We hope all of you will benefit from the inspiring speechs and rewarding interactions from this symposium.





敬祝 所有與會貴賓 事事順心!

國立陽明大學醫學院 傳統醫藥研究所


Organizing Committee


Important Dates

♦  Registration Deadline: 2019-7-01
♦  Abstract Submission Close Date: 2019-6-12 17:00
♦  Notification of Acceptance: 2019-6-14

♦  Abstract Contest: 2019-7-13
♦ Poster  Award: 2019-7-14
♦  Gala Dinner: 2019-7-13